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Nevksky postcard 165
Palace Square & beginning of Nevsky - photo c1909
Nevsky Postcard 166 looking up Nevsky from the Admiralty tower
Looking towards Nevsky
from the Admiralty c1903
Postcard 001 - House number 1
The start of Nevsky Prospekt House number 1 - c1911
Postcard 202 House number 2
Looking towards Palace Square
Postcard 002 outside Nevsky number 2
Looking towards the Winter Palace from outside No. 2 1906
Postcard 167 - Showing house number 2 which is now part of The General Staff ensemble.
House number 2
from photo c1910
Postcard 201
The Police Bridge
looking south - 1904
Nevsky Postcard 203
Nevsky House No's 6 to 14
Nevsky Postcard 177
Wawelberg Commercial Bank
(Nevsky 7/9) - 1912
Nevsky Postcard 204
Wawelberg Bank
corner Gogol ul. - c1912
Nevsky Postcard 205
Wawelberg Bank
photo-card_of 1912
Nevsky Postcard 206
Wawelberg Bank
mailed 1914
Postcard 209
Nevsky 10, 12, 14, 16 etc.
Postcard 003 looking towards the Admiralty from outside Dom 13
Looking towards the Admiralty from outside Dom 13 in 1905
Postcard 168
The Police Bridge
looking south - 1904
Postcard 004 Taken from between buildings No's 15 and 18 towards the Admiralty
Towards the Admiralty from
No. 15 at the Police Bridge 1905
Postcard 005 looking towards the Police Bridge
As the previous, between np 15 and 18 - used 1908
Postcard 169
Towards the Admiralty from the Police Bridge -1902
Postcard 170
Police Bridge, looking north
used in 1915
Postcard 171
Police Bridge, looking north
used in 1917
Postcard 172
Looking at Dom 18 from the Police Bridge c1902
Postcard 006 taken outside building number 18
Taken outside number 18 during 1909 (marked Petrograd 1914).
Postcard 007 looking east from the Police Bridge
Eastwards from the Police Bridge, np18 & beyond c1903
Postcard 008 looking at building number 18 from the Police Bridge
Eastwards from the Police Bridge, np18 & beyond c1903
Postcard 173
Eastwards from Police Bridge, np18 & beyond c1902
Nevsky postcard 174
Very animated photocard of
Dutch Reform church c1906
Nevsky postcard number 10
Similar view of the Dutch church taken in 1906
Nevsky postcard 011
A less cluttered view of the Dutch Church c1910
Nevsky card 009
Horse trams outside Nevsky
bldgs 22 & 24 - c1905
Nevsky postcard 012
Arrival of President Loubet 1902 (crowd facing np 26 & 28)
Card 175 - Arrival of President Loubet 1902
Arrival of President Loubet 1902
Not President Foure!
Nevsky card 176
Ploschad Kazanskaya without the crowds 1906
Nevsky Postcard 211
Restaurant Dominique
(Nevsky 24) - 1913
Postcard 014
Trams crossing Kazansky Bridge c1902
Dom 28 on the right, before it was demolished and became the Singer Building
No.28 right, was demolished to become the Singer Building
Nevsky Postcard 212
Similar view with flowers
mailed 1910
Postcard 013
Celebrating 200 yrs of SPb outside Nevsky 26 & 28
Nevsky Postcard 213
Nevsky by Singer Building
Nevsky postcard 214
As above with a night effect
sent during 1900
Postcard 016 The Singer Building c1906
The Singer Building (Dom Knigi) c1906
Looking over Kazanskaya Bridge towards the Church on Spilled
      			 Blood c1910
Looking towards the Singer building & beyond to the Church on Spilled blood c1910
Dom 26 & 28 as seen from Kazan Cathedral
The Singer building from across the square of Kazan Sobor. Card used 1913
Looking towards the Admiralty from between buildings 15 and 18
Looking across Ploshchad Kazanskaya to numbers 26 & 28 Nevsky - c1913
Nevsky postcard 183
Discount-Loan Bank and the Philharmonic Chamber Hall
(Nevsky 30) - c1903
Nevsky Postcard 215
The Singer Building
mailed 1917
Nevsky postcard 216
Colour tinted copy of above
mailed in 1913
Nevsky postcard 217
Kazansky Bridge
mailed during 1908
Nevsky postcard 020
Kazan Cathedral and the Singer Building - mailed 1910
Nevsky postcard 218
Kazan Cathedral
pre 1900
Nevsky postcard 184
Kazansky Fountain
Nevsky postcard 185
On the western steps of Kazan Cathedral around 1913
Nevsky postcard 186 - between the pillars
From Kazan Cathedral looking across Nevsky used 1914
Postcard 021 The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan c1911
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan - c1911
Postcard 10 Lutheran Church
The less familiar side of the Cathedral - used 1915.
Looking at the back of the Cathedral, 
        	which is actually the front!
Orlovsky's statue of Kutuzov. Card used 1905.
Monumenrt to Prince Kutuzoff
Barclay de Tolley monument c1906.
Pedestrians opposite the Singer Building c1906
A busy sidewalk opposite the Singer Building - c1906.
Towards building 27 and the Duma tower from Dom 26
Looking east across Kazan Sq.
Looking back towards Dom 27 on the left and the Singer Building on the right 1906
A busy day between Dom 27 and Singer Building on right 1906
Horse drawn trams between Dom 27 & Dom 28, the Singer building building
Looking from the Duma steps across to the sunny side
Lutheran Church of St Peter & Paul
Photocard c1910 of Lutheran church between No.s 22 & 24
Number 32-34 Nevsky, St Catherines catholic church in 1903
St. Catherine's Catholic church 1903
Catholic Church No. 32-34 Nevsky in 1911
Saint Catherines again in the summer sun of 1911
View from the Duma tower looking at St Catherines and beyond
View from the Municipal Duma Tower - c1910
Nevsky postcard 210
Dutch Reform Church
Nevsky postcard 187
Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan
used during 1907
Nevsky postcard 178
St. Catherine Catholic church 1907
Nevsky postcard 188
Barclay de Tolley statue
Looking across to the Municipal Duma from St Catherine's Church c1904
Hotel de Ville better known as the Duma Building c1904.
Arrival of President Faure 1897
The Municipal Duma building c1905
same as the previous image only colored
The same again only colour tinted c1906
Same location without the crowds 1903
The tower decked out for the visit of President Loubet 1902
Nevsky postcard 219
Municipal Duma building
pre 1900
Nevsky postcard 220
Municipal Duma building
Nevsky postcard 221
Municipal Duma building
mailed in 1900
Nevsky postcard 222
Prepared for President Loubet 1902

Nevsky postcard 223
Base of the Duma steps
Nevsky postcard 224
Christ the Savior Chapel (destroyed in 1929) 1912
Nevsky postcard 225
Portico and Chapel
Nevsky postcard 226
A Special Day!
special issue c1900
Newspaper vendors outside the Duma building in 1912
Newspaper agents at base of the Duma c1909
Chapel of Spas Nerukotvorny seen here in 1912
Christ the Savior Chapel (destroyed in 1929) 1912
Card mailed in 1913 showing the portico of the feather Bed Line Exchange and the Chapel of Spas Nerukotvorny
The chapel & the portico of the Feather Bed Line exchange 1913
Looking east from the steps of the Duma c1909
Gostinny Dvor and Chapel of Spas Nerukotvorny c1909
The Grand Hotel Europe in 1902e
The Grand Hotel Europe at Nevsky 36 around 1902.
Rue Michel with the Grand Hotel Europe on the left
Mikhaylovskaya ulitsa and the Grand Hotel Europe c1900
Grand Hotel Europe on the left and looking eastwards 1907
Looking east along Nevsky with Hotel D' Europe on the left 1907 .
Grand Hotel Europe on the left and looking eastwards 1907
The Hotel d'Europe taken around 1907
Nevsky postcard 227
Mikhailovskaya ulitsa
Nevsky postcard 228
Mikhailovskaya ulitsa
used 1902
Nevsky postcard 229
Grand Hotel Europe
mailed 1916
Nevsky postcard 230
Grand Hotel Europe
mailed 1911
Nevsky postcard 231
A Hotel Europa Restaurant
sent in 1914
Nevsky postcard 232
Krysha roof restaurant
Hotel Europe - 1910
Nevsky postcard 233
Hotel Europe roofgarden
Nevsky postcard 234
another of the roofgarden
Card 045 showing Dom 38 as it was in 1903
Building 38 as it was in 1903 on this used postcard
Gostinny Dvor from a Karl Bulla photograph
Gostinny Dvor area from a Karl Bulla photograph c1911
Low level view of the street eastwards outside Gostinny Dvor
More of the same from this popular corner c1908
Postcard 048 showing Gostinny Dvor from ground level
.....and yet another ground level view from Gostinny Dvor corner
Nevsky postcard 235
Volga-Kama Commercial Bank
(Nevsky 38) - 1903
Nevsky postcard 236
Across from Gostinny Dvor
051 Probably a show of military might for the visiting French President Loubet
A military parade passing Nevsky 46 in 1902
Nevsky postcard 052
Probably the same 1902 parade
& for French President Loubet
Card 049 shows an aerial view eastwards from the Duma tower c1907
An aerial view looking east from the Duma tower c1907
Similar to the last image, showing ant-like people going about their business on Nevsky around 1907
A coloured image akin to the previous card c1907
Nevsky postcard 237
Another view looking east from the Duma tower c1907
Nevsky postcard 238
The Passage at No. 48
mailed 1903
Gostinny Dvor area on a 1906 postcard
The Passage at No. 48 on a Karl Bulla photocard c1912
Card No.054 Trams outside the <em>Passage</em>
Trams outside the Passage
Card No.055 again showing the <em>Passage</em>, but hand tinted
A hand tinted card showing the Passage c1908
Another hand-tinted job of the Passage showing one of the new electric trams c1907
Coloured view of the Passage from a different angle c1907
A very animated 1909 view towards <em>The Passage</em>.
Yet another looking towards the Passage c1909
Nevsky postcard 239
The Passage interior
mailed during 1902
Nevsky postcard 067
St Catherine's Armenian Church c1900
Nevsky postcard 063
View from the Passage towards the Duma tower u1909
Nevsky postcard 240
Gostinny Dvor
pre 1900
Nevsky postcard 245
Gostinny Dvor
Nevsky postcard 244
Relatively quiet street!
Nevsky postcards 243
A colour copy of above
Nevsky postcard 062
Looking along the Dvor from Sadovaya corner c1902
A used colour card of 1908 showing strollers outside Gostinny Dvor
A card mailed in 1908 showing strollers passing the Dvor
A similar view to the previous card but 4 years later
A similar view to previous card but with taller trees c1912
A nice clear card showing the main facade of Gostinny Dvor 1908
Looking west along the main facade of Gostinny Dvor 1908
a 1903 card showing the individually numbered stalls of G-Dvor
Showing the individually numbered stalls of G-Dvor 1903
Nevsky postcard 246
Between Dvor & 'Passage'
used during 1907
Nevsky postcard 241
Looking along Gostinny towards Duma, as used in 1914
Looking westward past Gostinny Dvor c1911
Probably the most common Nevsky postcard view. 1911
Nevsky postcard 247
A very animated view
Nevsky postcard 248
.... and slightly more animated
Nevsky postcard 242
Another of the popular view
Nevsky postcard 068
Activity on the corner of Sadovaya Street around 1910
Color card of tram 1069
Looking along Sadovaya Street in the snow. May 24th 1908
Nevsky postcard 066
May snow on Nevsky by Gostinny Dvor 1908
Nevsky postcard 249
Greeting the new trams
as mailed early 1907
Nevsky postcard 250
A parade
April 4th 1917
Looking across to the Russian National Library and west past Gostinny Dvor 1903
Looking west past the IPL
and Gostinny Dvor 1903
Nevsky postcard 251
Sadovaya corner
Nevsky Postcard 071 the Schroder building
Looking at the Schroder building number 52 - card used 1906
Nevsky postcard 072 is another view of Dom Schroder from across the street by the corner of the library
Another view of Dom Schroder from the library corner c1900
Nevsky postcard 254
To the RNL, looking west past Gostinny Dvor 1903
Nevsky postcard 070
Looking across Nevsky from Sadovaya on a card used 1906
Nevsky Postcard 073
Nevsky 52, 54, and the old 56 c1901
Postcard 252 is another view of Dom Schroder from across the street by the corner of the library
A modified print of above
Nevsky postcard 253
Russo-Japanese War parade
Nevsky postcard 074 -Imperial; Public Library c1903
The Imperial Public Library
Postcard 075 IPL c1909
The Imperial Public Library
Nevsky tinted postcard 076 is La Bibliotheque Imperial used 1915
Bibliotheque Imperial, used in 1915
Nevsky postcard 077
The Imperial Public Library from by the theatre in 1912
Nevsky postcard 078
Looking from the top of the Passage over IPL c1905
Nevsky postcard 255
Imperial Bibliotheque
Nevsky postcard 256
The Imperial Public Library
as used in 1913
Nevsky postcard 258
A cameo of Catherine II
mailed 1905
Nevsky postcard 257
Towards Anichkov
Night effect c1908/09
Postcard 079 shows the Catherine II monument looking from the Imperial Public Library c1909
View from the library looking towards Anichkov Palace 1909
Nevsky Postcard 080 N. P. Basin's House
The House of N. P. Basin
used in 1902
Nevsky postcard 085
200 year Jubilee celebrations at The Passage 1903
Nevsky postcard 192
International Commercial Bank Spb branch - np58 - u1902
Nevsky postcard 193
Severnaya (Northern) Bank
np62 - used 1903
Nevsky postcard 088
View of the Sadovaya Street crossing in 1913
Nevsky postcard 191
The only monument to Catherine the Great in SPb
Nevsky postcard 083
Looking over the square to the Alexandra theatre 1902
Nevsky postcard 082
Mikhail Mikeshin's monument to Catherine II c1906
Nevsky postcard 194
as previous with a blue tint
Nevsky postcard 259
Monument to Catherine II in Ostrovsky Square, used 1908
Nevsky postcard 081
Monument to Catherine II in Ostrovsky Square, used 1915
Nevsky Postcard 260
Theatre, Cath II & Basin house
Nevsky Postcard 084 is a view the top of the Eliseieff building c1913
The view from the top of the Eliseieff building c1913
Nevsky postcard 261
Photochrome card
made from a 1896 photo
Nevsky Postcard 086
Silhouette of the Catherine II monument c1904
Nevsky postcard 087
Silhouette of the Catherine II monument 1902
Nevsky postcard 262
Theatralnaya ulitsa
(ul Zodchego Rossi) - c1915
Nevsky postcard 089 The Pushkin theatre c1903
The Alexandrinsky (or Pushkin) Theatre c1903
Nevsky postcard 090 The Pushkin theatre c1903
Another view of the Pushkin theatre taken around 1909
Nevsky postcard 091, another of the Theatre 1912
A similar view in colour
mailed 1912
Postcard_092 looking from the theatre towards Nevsky
From the theatre past Ekaterina towards Nevsky c1915
Card 093 is Dom Eliseieff in 1909
Dom Eliseieff at Nevsky 56 around 1909
Nevsky postcard 094 Dom Elisieva & Theatre Farce_used 1910
Dom Elisieva and the Farce Theatre used 1910
Postcard 95 shows the Yeliesiev building at 56 Nevsky on a card used in 1915
The Yeliesiev building on a card mailed in 1915
Nevsky Postcard 096
Looking west from the Anichkov pavilion around 1906
Looking from Yeliesiev's Deli towards the Anichkov Palace and the Fontanka on a card used in 1908
Looking from the Yeliesiev bldg towards Anichkov Palace c1903
Nevsky postcard 098
Looking from Yeliesiev's bldg towards Anichkov Palace c1908
Nevsky Postcard 099 similar to the previous but c1913
Looking from Yeliesiev's bldg towards Anichkov Palace c1908
Postcard40 is a view of Upper Nevsky from Anichkov Bridge
Looking from Yeliesiev's bldg towards Anichkov Palace c1909

Nevsky postcard 101
Tram '1069' outside building 64 sometime around 1909
Nevsky postcard 102
Anichkov Palace northern wing c1900
Postcard 103 a color version of the previous card, sent in 1915
A colour version of the previous card sent in 1915
Nevsky postcard 263
Anichkov Palace
pre 1900
Nevsky postcard 264
Nevsky between the Cabinet
& number 66 - used 1908
Nevsky postcard 265
Anichkov Bridge to Singer Bldg 1907
Nevsky postcard 266
Anichkov bridge and palace
pre 1900
Nevsky Postcard 104 is a view of Upper Nevsky from Anichkov Bridge
A vintage view of Upper Nevsky from the Anichkov Bridge.
Nevsky postcard 105
Palais Anitchkin on a nice card dated 1901
Anichkov Palace & Cabininet 1905
Anichkov Palace & Cabinet Building on card used 1905
Nevsky postcard 267
Fontanka corner at Nevsky 66
Nevsky postcard 268
Fontanka corner at Nevsky 66
mailed during 1910
Nevsky Postcard 208
Klodt Horse Tamer 1 on Anichkov Bridge NE corner
Nevsky Postcard 110 - 2nd Horse Tamer.
Klodt Horse Tamer 2 on Anichkov Bridge SW corner
Nevsky Postcard 111 - 3rd Horse Tamer.
Klodt Horse Tamer 3 on Anichkov Bridge NW corner
Nevsky Postcard 111 - 4th Horse Tamer
Klodt Horse Tamer 4 on Anichkov Bridge SE corner
Nevsky postcard 113
Anichkov Bridge looking North mailed in 1918
Nevsky postcard 269
Looking across Anichkov Bridge c1909
Most Anichkov c1917
Looking across Anichkov Bridge towards the palace c1917
Anichkov Bridge and on the right, building 68 which received a direct hit during WWII and was rebuilt.
Anichkov Bridge and on the right, the old building No. 68
Nevsky postcard 270
Anichkov Bridge looking North mailed in 1918
Nevsky postcard 114
Anichkov Bridge looking South c1903
Nevsky postcard 115
Anichkov Bridge looking North used 1912
Nevsky Postcard 272 looking South from Anichkov Bridge
Horse Tamer at NW corner
Nevsky postcard 116
Anichkov Bridge looking South c1912
Nevsky postcard 271
Looking south - coloured
Nevsky postcard 124
Horse tram crossing Anichkov Bridge in 1903
Nevsky postcard 121
Looking over Anichkov Bridge towards building 66 - 1890s
Posing policemen on the SW corner of Anichkov Bridge nice card of the Gostinny Dvor area around 1910.
Policemen posing by the SW corner monument c1903
A view of Sadovaya corner between the RNL and Gostinny Dvor
Posers at the NW corner of the bridge around 1903
Looking towards number 66 Nevsky from the SW corner of the bridge
SW corner of the bridge towards Nevsky building 66 c1903.
Postcard44 is a view of Sadovaya corner in the rain
Looking across the Fontanka towards 66 Nevsky c1903
Nevsky postcard 273
Floating fish shop
published 1903
Nevsky postcard 122
Fontanka quay at the Anichkov Bridge c1900
Nevsky postcard 181
The Cabinet building and Anichkov Bridge sent in 1906
Nevsky postcard 123
Tinted pc of the Fontanka and Anichkov Bridge c1910
Nevsky Postcard 274
Palace of G.D. Sierge
& Trinity-Sergius Lavra - 1905
Nevsky Prospekt postcard 182
Belosselsky-Belozersky palace
& Trinity-Sergius Lavra - c1905
Nevsky postcard 180
Belosselsky-Belozersky palace mailed in 1902
Nevsky postcard 128
Looking over Anichkov Bridge towards the SE of Nevsky c1903
Incorrect notation on card. This is not the Anichkov Palace!
This is NOT the Anichkov Palace as printed on this c1897 card!
A Nevsky view outside the Passage at number 48
Belosselsky-Belozersky palace around 1900
Hotel Europa Color card
Another of Belosselsky-Belozersky palace around 1900
Nevsky Postcard 179
The Merchant Society
at Nevsky 70 - c1902
The long gone building 68 which was destroyed by a German bomb
The Twelfth Gymnasium in 1904 in the old building #68
Nevsky Postcard 277
Nevsky 60 up to Nevsky 80
Nevsky postcard 131 used in 1899
np60 to np80 on an embossed card used in 1899
Nevsky Postcard 132
np76-78 junc Liteiny Prospekt c1915
From Dom 82 on the Sunny side of the street looking towards Ploschad Znamenskaya
A sunny Actors House seen from Liteiny Prospekt 1906
Looking along the sunny side towards Znamenskaya from Dom 90
Nevsky 90-92-94-96 and onwards used 1911
Nevsky postcard 275
Nevsky betweem No's 63 & 94
used 1909
Nevsky postcard 195
Nevsky between No's 63 & 94
hand tinted c1906
Nevsky postcard 279
A ground floor general store
at Nevsky 100 - 1903
Nevsky postcard 278
Nevsky 102 after a 5th floor was added in 1908
Nevsky postcard 153
The since destroyed Hotel Ermitage c1902
Nevsky postcard 276
The end of upper Nevsky
Nevsky postcard 196
Looking across Znamenskaya
Nevsky postcard 197
Similar to previous image but hand coloured and used 1915
Grand Hotel Du Nord (Now the Octiabrskaya Hotel
Grand Hotel du Nord from an image taken around 1903
Nevsky postcard 136 - The Grand Hotel Du Nord
The Grand Hotel du Nord c1909, now the Oktyabrskaya Hotel
Nevsky postcard 137
The Great Northern Hotel
photocard c1900
Nevsky postcard 138
The hotel which became the Oktiabraskaya seen here c1910
Ploshchad Znamenskaya around 1897.
Ploshchad Znamenskaya around 1897
Nevsky Postcard looking across Znamenskaya towards upper Nevsky Prospekt
The same view as the previous but in B&W
Nevsky postcard 141
Snamensky Place taken around c1912
Nevsky Postcard looking across Znamenskaya towards upper Nevsky Prospekt
1910 view looking across Znamenskaya to Nevsky pr
Crowds gathered around the new Alexander III monument in 1909
Znamenskaya in 1909 after unveiling of Alex III statue
Nevsky postcard 282
The new monument
23rd May 1909
Nevsky postcard 198
Across Znamenskaya Ploshchad towards upper Nevsky - u1912
Nevsky Postcard 144
Znamenskaya pl
mailed during 1913
Nevsky postcard 145
The Church of the Sign which was demolished in 1940
Nevsky postcard 148
Another view of the station
Nevsky postcard 147
A superb c1900 card of the Nikolaievskya Vokzal
Nevsky Postcard 146.
Looking south across the square c1912
Nevsky postcard 280
A traffic-less square
Nevsky postcard 281
Guarding a Czar
Alexander III monument shortly after unveiling in 1909
Cath II monument and the  Alexandrinsky Theatre.
A hand tinted card of the Alex III monument c1909
Postcard 151.
A card used in 1915 shows a traffic-less square
Nevsky Postcard 152.
A guarded monument on a card mailed in 1912
Nevsky postcard 283
Alexander III in front of hotel
Nevsky Postcard 154.
Alexander III monument
Nevsky Postcard 155
Alexander III monument
A real photocard of Alex II c1915
A photo card of the Alex III monument c1915
For those that know it, the only bend in the street outside Dom 130
An image c1914 showing the only bend on the whole street
Nevsky postcard 284
House 158 towards the Lavra c1908
Nevsky postcard 285
A. Nevsky Home For The Poor
Nevsky poastcard 286
Tramvai outside Nevsky 180-182
Nevsky postcard 161
Ploshchad Alexander Nevskogo c1900
Looking across the square towards the Lavra on card used 1908
Looking across Ploshchad Alexander Nevskogo c1908
Looking across the quare to the Lavra gate c1910
Alexander Nevsky Lavra
The main entrance gate of Alexander Nevsky Lavra used 1904
The main gateway to Alexander Nevsky Lavra used 1904
Nevsky postcard 162
Inside the Lavra ensemble
Nevskt postcard 287
Passage to Catherdral inside the Lavra - c1900
Nevsky Postcard 163
Holy Trinity Cathedral inside Alexander Nevsky Lavra c1900
Nevsky postcard 164 and the last of this bunch!
The Holy Trinity Cathedral Nevsky Lavra 1916
Nevsky postcard 199
St Theodore church
in the Nevsky Lavra 1903
Nevsky postcard 189
Alexander Nevsky Lavra
mailed in 1907
Nevsky Postcard 190
The Nevsky (Lavra) Monastery
sent 1903
Nevsky postcard 200 and the last of this bunch!
The Holy Trinity Cathedral inside Nevsky Lavra 1906

These images are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before 1923; plus their copyright has also expired in those countries with a copyright term of life of the author/photographer plus 50 years. These images are also in the public domain in Russia according to paragraph 1 of article 6 of Law No. 231-FZ of the Russian Federation of December 18 2006

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