Palaces of St. Petersburg and suburbs (3)

The Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) built in 1752
The Catherine Palace (in Pushkin)

The Great Hall inside the Catherine Palace. Designed by Giuseppe Valeriana c.1755
The Great Hall 1752-56

The Chinese Palace, was described by Catherine the Great as her 'personal Dacha'
The Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum c.1727

Inside the Hall of the Muses - Chinese Palace
The Hall of the Muses

Peter the Great's magnificent palace at Peterhof (Petrodvorets)
The Great Palace of Peterhof c1723

The Throne Room inside Peterhof, decorated to the designs of Yuri Velten c.1772
The Throne Room

Aerial view of the Palace of Pavlovsk 1782-6
The Pavlovsk Palace c1782

Inside the south facing Picture Gallery, Pavlovsk Palace
The Picture Gallery in the Pavlovsk Palace

 Peter the Great's modest Summer Palace overlooking the Fontanka is the oldest stone building in St.Peterburg c.1714
The Summer Palace of Peter I c1710

 Marly Palace named after Marly-le-Rois, the King of France's hunting lodge which Peter the Great visited on a tour of Europe in 1717
The Marly Palace in Peterhof Park 1720-22

 Alexander Palace, designed in 1792 and was the residence of Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II
The Alexander Palace (In Pushkin)1792


The Gatchina Palace 1766-1781

The Neo-Classical Palace of Gatchina was completed in 1781 and is still undergoing restoration after severe damage in World War II


Inside the restored Marble Dining Room at the Gatchina Palace Another view inside the Gatchina Palace
Inside the palace

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