Palaces of St. Petersburg and suburbs (2)

The Neo-Classical Marble Palace which stands to the left of the Winter Palace,housed the Lenin Museum for over 50 years.
The Marble Palace 1768-85

The Courtyard of the Marble Palace
The Marble Palace Courtyard

The Mariinsky Palace as it faces St. Isaac's Square
The Mariinsky Palace 1839-44

Part of the Great Rotunda inside the Mariinsky Palace
Rotunda in the Mariinsky Palace

The Yelagin Palace facing the Srednaya river
The eastern façade of the Yelagin Palace 1818-22

Looking through a suite of rooms in the Yelagin Palace
A suite of rooms in The Yelagin Palace
Shuvalov Palace, home of the Museum of Hygienics
The Naryshkin-Shuvalov Palace c.1791
(21 Fontanka River Embankment)

The Shuvalov's Mauve Drawing Room
The Mauve Drawing Room
Kikin Palace,built for Alexander Kikin,an aide to Peter the Great who was tortured then executed for advising Peter's son to renounce the throne. Pssibly the oldest building in the city.
The Kikin Mansion 1714

The Vorontsov Palace, just south of Nevsky Prospekt and now the home of The Suvorov Military Academy
The Vorontsov Palace 1749-57

Palace of the Counts Belosselsky-Belozersky
Belosselsky-Belozersky Palace 1840-48

Nikolayevsky Palace, which was the Palace of Labor
The Nikolaievsky Palace 1853-61


A quiet corner of the Anichkov courtyard View through the Anichkov Palace gates One of the Anichkov Palace's Pavillions alongside Nevsky Prospekt
The Anichkov Palace 1741-50

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